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Your Daily ‘Daily Mail’ Groan: Ulrika Jonsson And That Pesky “Baby Weight”

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 25, 2008

For those of you who didn’t spend their teen years obsessively reading Tatler and Harper’s Bazaar, Ulrika Jonsson is a Swedish-born UK television personality, who has just had a baby. Let’s take a look at what the Daily Mail has to say about her, shall we?

“Highlights” bolded for your “enjoyment”:

Ulrika Jonsson

Real Mum: Glowing Ulrika’s Not Ashamed Of Her Baby Weight

Far from going on a crash diet to rid herself of her extra baby weight, glowing Ulrika Jonsson is in no hurry to lose her new curves.

The Swedish blonde happily showed off her bulging tummy as she was pictured out with three-week-old baby Malcolm – her fourth child by a fourth man – for the first time.

Wow, I know the Mail is a total smorgasbord of misogynist horrors, but really, where do you start with this? First of all, with the words “curves”, “bulging” and “baby weight”, which we all know are sub-editors’ magical codewords for fat fat fatty. Stories like this are the worst sort, because they seem to be embracing all sizes and not indulging in the hysteria that surrounds celebrity pregnancy these days, when in fact they’re far more pernicious. And secondly, “her fourth child by a fourth man”? Oh yes they di’id, and you know what they mean: loose woman.

As you get to know us all here at The Dawn Chorus, you’ll see that one of my personal bugbears is the way the media (specifically the “gossip” media and so-called “women’s publishing”) approaches pregnancy. Initially it was just celeb-specific, but through the trickle-down effect we now have Cosmo Pregnancy and women talking about their growing bellies as “baby bumps”.

And I don’t think you need me to tell you that Ulrika looks beautiful.


3 Responses to “Your Daily ‘Daily Mail’ Groan: Ulrika Jonsson And That Pesky “Baby Weight””

  1. Sahra Stolz said

    3 WEEK OLD BABY MALCOLM? So, when they say “no hurry” to lose the baby weight, can we assume she was remiss in renewing her gym membership while actually giving birth? Missed a pilates class whiles recovering in hospital? For goodness sake. Who writes this rubbish?

  2. tina_sparkle said

    the hospital dietician obviously didn’t get the memo about the necessity for a post-labour macrobiotic diet!

    after all, we all know what will happen if ulrika doesn’t lose the ‘baby weight’. she’ll be too unattractive to be impregated with a fifth baby by a fifth father!

    make up your mind ulrika. you can either be ‘overweight’ and virtuous, or ‘thin’ and slutty. decisions, decisions.

  3. Victoria Johnson said

    Poor Ulrika, I have 3 children, my 3rd born in June last year like Ulrika. All I can say is she must have a thick skin to put up and carry on with all this nastiness in the tabloids. The Daily Mail is vermon!

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