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Diet Coke, ‘SATC’ And Gendered Advertising, Together At… Oh

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 26, 2008

Did an in-and-out stop at the supermarket just before and was faintly horrified by these pink-daubed bottles of Diet Coke at the check out:

Now, I did go to the Sex & The City movie on opening night (my feelings about the film are best saved for a much longer post), but I didn’t see any of these there and haven’t managed to spot them until today. So, we have:

  • the colour pink (which as we all know, is the official colour of womanhood)
  • Diet Coke (because only women care about dieting)
  • a “female-oriented” movie

I’m surprised they didn’t think to throw in a fluffy kitten, or maybe free lipgloss inside the lid.


3 Responses to “Diet Coke, ‘SATC’ And Gendered Advertising, Together At… Oh”

  1. mscate said

    My housemate went to a mega-cinema to watch the film and came home with a plastic ‘cocktail shaker’ printed with a recipe for a Mocktail Manhattan. I should stress, Village wasn’t inventive enough to actually serve anything in the shakers besides Coca-Cola.

  2. Karen said

    What I find more concerning is that I know dozens of girls who would love this sort of promotion, and it’s not like I’m searching them out.

  3. Lee Sandwith said

    For an extra $5.99, you can get your own panty liner insulated Stubby/Cosmo holder. Weeeeeeeee!

    (Only at participating outlets. Items to not be sold seperately)

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