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Sam Newman Apologises For Offending… People

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 26, 2008

Sam Newman last night apologised in a fairly vague manner for his recent “behaviour” on The Footy Show (i.e. stapling a photo of Caroline Wilson’s face to a lingerie-clad mannequin and then groping it between the ‘legs’. Oh, and then calling the female AFL board members “liars and hypocrites”. And then…).

Here’s what he said on Channel Nine News:

“I’m sorry, I have obviously offended people, and for that I’m sorry,” Newman said on Channel 9 news last night.


He said counselling had helped him to see he could be abrasive, rude and arrogant.

“Can you believe that? You could knock me down with some plumage that people could think that about me.

“Maybe I could just moderate some of the things I do.”

Is it just me, or is that apology a bit non-specific? You would’ve thought that his borderline slandering of Dr Susan Alberti, Beverly Knight, Sally Capp, Peggy Haines and the five other female signatories who wrote to Nine calling for Newman to be counselled would surely deserve a separate, public apology.

The thing is, an apology was absolutely necessary in general, but to say he has “offended people” – well, the simple fact is that the majority of The Footy Show‘s viewers probably thought it was totally hilarious. I realise it’s just semantics but his apology is so vague it doesn’t really address why “people” were offended in the first place.

Meanwhile, this is what Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight has to say about it all:

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight\'s take on the issue

Pretty telling, isn’t it? Poor old persecuted Sam, being attacked by those nasty women (zombie mannequins, if we are to take his Romero-esque title at face value) who are all the same, and just want to ruin his harmless fun. What’s your take on the whole mess?


4 Responses to “Sam Newman Apologises For Offending… People”

  1. sassy said

    please. what a comlpete non-apology. it’s utter bullshit, the same apology demelza gave in top model. “I’m sorry … people were offended”. not sorry for what they’ve done, sorry for the trouble it got them in.

    I didn’t think it’s possible but I respect him even less than before.

    as for whether people actually were offended, or whether they found it hilarious, I like to think the footy show audience (even if they weren’t actively offended) didn’t find it funny. for the simple fact that it wasn’t. that joke was a total waste of sexism.

  2. tina_sparkle said

    when is an apology not an apology?

    when it’s made by sam newman.

    he has absolutely no insight into why what he did was offensive. he’s just sorry people got unstrung. disgusting and repulsive individual.

    I hope those cancer cells hurry up and make a reappearance. need we remind sam of the demise of stan zemanek?

  3. Louisa said

    I’m so sick of the cop-out ‘I’m sorry… if I offended people’. Don’t be sorry for the offence caused, be sorry for the stupid/nasty/misogynistic things you’ve done, Sam.

  4. Barefoot Warrior said

    Please please please do NOT let Sam Newman off easily… he is an embarrassment to the Y-chromosome… continue to hound him until he either changes his disgusting arrogant ways or his career totally implodes…

    Kudos to carolyn Wilson and Sam Lane and other women in footy for sticking to their guns…

    Still, sorry for hurting people is at least a start… we should encourage him; like we encourage two year olds who use potty… :p

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