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Sexist Stock Photo Watch: Office Bullies Edition

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 26, 2008

Because I have to spend a good deal of my time scouring the web for content/stories all day, I’ve trained my eye to look out for idiotic choices made by online photo editors. This effort from the and Vodaphone initiative, Business Sense, is no exception:

Beating Office Bullies

Sooo, the conclusions we draw from that, if we see it as a “summary” of the issues held within the article, can include: all men are bullies, all women are victims of bullies, women are sooks, men are superior to women within an office environment… yawn, any others?


5 Responses to “Sexist Stock Photo Watch: Office Bullies Edition”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    you forgot the other obvious ones: all bullies use megaphones!

    but one must ask : is it the bully or the megaphone that the woman is scared of?

  2. black said

    I can’t do a screen grab in here but may I submit specimen B to the discussion: The Daily Telegraph’s neat visual summary of Wimbledon fashion for today — Slovakian Dominika Cibulkova’s crotch.

    They’ve replaced it with a suggestive bowl o strawberries now but earlier, think this image,22056,5032653-5012667-3,00.html but with the pesky torso cut out. Just a disembodied red underpanted crotch shot….

  3. steven said

    nice new blog, interesting stuff 🙂

    What would’ve been a suitable choice of photo though – keeping to the “smack you in the face its so obvious” style they use for those types of pictures.

    woman bullying a male – is that challenging stereotypes because the female is superior – or playing the “shrieking harridan” card?

    woman bullying a woman? well, theres no gender switching, but is it the old “bitchy all-girl workplace” stereotype.

    male bullying male? usual male aggression, or promoting ideas that the office and workplace is a ‘mans’ environment and women should be at home.

    It seems no matter what the choice, if the picture included people, then there is bound to be something somebody could find objectionable.

  4. Cate said

    Interesting, I was a victim of workplace bullying and part of a claim of 8 workers against a respective collegue/boss after prolonged victimisation which included sexual harassment and discrimination. His response was to react with a counter bullying claim, with gems like
    “she persisted in using the photocopier when I wanted to use it”.

    The outcome? There had been three other cases against him (including one by a female manager above him)and he was caught shredding the case files. Independent investigators found him guilty and he got a payout rather than dismissal….

    (When the matter was initially raised with the CEO his response was to offer a lend of his book on workplace psychopaths-handy).

  5. Barefoot Warrior said

    Yes, that’s all very interesting, but shouldn’t you femmos be devoting your time to pressing femmo issues, like the price of hijabs in Afghanistan, or at least being good little girls and helping hopeless men buy jewellery… after all, isn’t that what all good girls do? ;P

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