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Did Everyone Know That Ruby Rose Is A Lesbian? Because I Think ‘The Daily Telegraph’ Just Want To Make Sure

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 27, 2008

There are lot of things about the way The Daily Telegraph commit their business that irk me, but at present I think they are doing their “best” work while dealing with MTV VJ Ruby Rose. Ever since she revealed that she is gay, they just won’t quit. I don’t think they’ve done a piece on her in the last six months that hasn’t mentioned her sexuality in a vaguely titillating manner – particularly her “pash” with The Veronicas’ Jess at a Sydney party – and now they’re at it again, reporting on her having been cast in a new Australian film, Suite For Fleur:

“She got the role because of her looks and her brave stance on her sexuality,” filmmaker Ron Brown told Confidential.

Rose, who has been caught locking lips with The Veronicas’ Jess Origliasso, is also set to seduce in the film.

She plays “hot chick” Ruby who tempts the main character Fleur and her boyfriend at a bar.

Isn’t it vaguely depressing that it’s (still?) considered “brave” for a woman like Rose to be upfront about her sexuality in the media?

The problem I have with the Tele, and the News Ltd stable in general, in this instance is that they don’t express an interest in Rose’s sexuality that comes from any genuine place; they don’t really want to know what it has been like for her to have been out since her early teens, or whether she has experienced any discrimination, or even the old chestnuts that straight celebs get, questions like “what are you looking for in a partner?” etc.

Instead, it’s the old blokes’ mag angle: “Lesbians are just two hot chicks pashing, and we get to watch!”


4 Responses to “Did Everyone Know That Ruby Rose Is A Lesbian? Because I Think ‘The Daily Telegraph’ Just Want To Make Sure”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    we all know the tele emphasises the ‘tit’ in ‘titillating’.

  2. mscate said

    Geez, rather than defining her whole being on who she likes to have sex with, they could have followed the Guardian’s lead in the UK where openly lesbian muso Beth Ditto writes an advice column on sexuality but also fashion, hairstyles and vegetarianism…
    Here’s an example:<ahref=”,,2274660,00.html”.example

  3. blue milk said

    Beautiful post title! Hahaha.

  4. chinginchunkinrollin said

    i think homosexual people are amazing, they have the brains to tell people they’re gay, instead of keeping it all bottled up inside of them. Ruby rose is a fine example of that, and shes an amazing girl… Best wishes for her 🙂 x

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