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Survey Says… Bah Bow! Wait A Minute, We Have A Tie!

Posted by Lee on June 27, 2008

A study undertaken by Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University, has garnered quite the attention in a few UK broadsheets this morning. According to Professor Campbell’s research, men like casual sex more than women do.

One nighter

Steve Connor, Science Editor for The Independent, reports:

One of the first academic studies to investigate positive and negative emotions felt after casual sex has revealed that evolution has not adapted women to having casual sex. Otherwise, they conclude, women would feel better about a one-night sexual partner, instead of feeling “used” and regretful.

So that explains everything. It wasn’t a hangover or your poor selection of bed partner that was making you feel so regretful and “used” the next day, it was that evil trickery of evolution.

Damn you evolution, once again you have fooled me but never, ever again!

But allow Professor Campbell to further explain this herself:

In evolutionary terms women bear the brunt of parental care and it has been thought that it was to their advantage to choose their mate carefully and remain faithful to ensure their mate had no reason to believe he was raising another man’s child.

Well, this is just truly horrifying news. My Mother must loathe me, given that motherhood, according to this extraordinary study of Professor Campbell’s, I was a burdening force – a brunt that my dear ol’ Ma had to bear for the sake of nasty old evolution.

And what of my poor Father? All these years thinking that potentially he wasn’t raising his own child because my mother may not have picked the right mate.

Wah! Evolution. You cruel, cruel monster. Why did I let you fool me again? Why?

But there actually is some respite and good news here readers. Apparently, this study, which was based on an internet survey, is considered a scientific fact! Let us take a look:

It is now a truth acknowledged even by science: men like casual sex more than women do.An internet survey of 1,743 men and women who have had one-night stands found that 80 per cent of the men had positive feelings about it, feeling greater sexual satisfaction and contentment, plus a greater sense of well-being. Only 54 per cent of women felt the same way.

Extraordinary, no? All this time when we were clicking away on eBayand justjared because we are bored in our office jobs when we were potentially part of something bigger; something scientific that was validated by ‘Professors’ to reveal the mysteries of evolution.

Bah bow!

No prizes for you this week Professor Anne Campbell of Durham University. This study is ridiculous.


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