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The Pregnancy Pact…

Posted by Cate on June 27, 2008

You may have seen various reports in recent media about the so called ‘Pregnancy Pact”. The premise is that a group of teenage girls (under 16) enrolled at Glouchester High School, Boston, entered in to a pact to fall pregnant and bring their children up together. At present there are 17 pregnant students at the school, up from “the usual three or four” Depending on which rag you read, the there may or may not have been a pact which included “high fives after positive pregnancy results” and the school may or may not have been aware of the pact in 2007. Does it matter if the pregnancies were deliberate or accidental? Should the fathers be charged for statutory rape?

According to The Age 150 pregnancy tests when administered to students in the past academic year. It’s actually not that many considered that the school taught 1500 students. Surely there’s a level of reactiveness here, considering that $25 Million was cut from the department that funds comprehensive sex-education federally in America in 2003. Additionally, federal funding can only be spent on abstinence-only “education.”

And America certainly likes sex. You can choose between:

and it’s rubbery cousin, the True Love Waits wrist band:

And you better not engage in pleasurable sexual activity before marriage-unless there’s a different kind of rubber involved…

Maybe you’re wondering why so many teenagers would become pregnant (by choice or otherwise).This is perhaps my favourite quote by one of the teen fathers (hmm, not often they get a voice, it’s not like women get pregnant all by themselves), Michael Mitchell aged 17, to account for the spike: “They were horny, it was a cold winter. It’s boring around this town. Nothing to do.”

So, it’s possible that teenage pregnancy can partially be attributed to hormones, winter, and living in a fishing community with few social supports or pathways… or perhaps indeed, they were just horny.


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