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‘The West Australian’ Searches For The Hottest 100 Boobs. Sorry, Singles.

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 27, 2008

Over at The West Australian, they are calling for nominations to find WA’s ‘100 Hottest Singles’ – “WA’s most desirable single men and women aged between 19 and 45“. Which is, of course, why they’ve chosen this photo to illustrate the piece on the front page of

Hottest 100 Boobs

Yep, disembodied boobs on a faceless torso, getting a good old fashioned hose-down. Gotta love that trusty stock photos folder!


One Response to “‘The West Australian’ Searches For The Hottest 100 Boobs. Sorry, Singles.”

  1. Sunshine said

    Body parts, car parts. Pick a glossy red set of… they’re breasts! unique to her because they are part of her Whole self (including her mind.) OMG.The rhetoric of chopping women into body (bad-y) parts. And it’s a wonder women feel disconnected to/from their bodies these days? Many feminists argue that the vast wave of symptoms of numbness, or a lack of body feeling (what Freud and others called ‘Hysterical’ symptoms – a death of feeling, especially in response to sex) a disease which swept Europe in the C19th, was in direct response to men owning and trading women’s bodies: the girls shut down. They weren’t sick, they were smart.
    Oh, and what’s with the competition’s ‘age requirement’. “45”? How did they arrive at that number? Is it because the girls can still breed?

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