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When Child Stars Turn Into, Uh, Um… Great Women?

Posted by Lee on June 27, 2008

I’ll admit it, I never used to like Christina Aguilera very much. A dislike that can can be vouched for by editor Clem Bastow who I have shared many a debate over the years about Christina’s merits as an artist and a female entertainer/role model.

I didn’t understand her chap-wearing provocations and overt need to talk about her sexual awakenings every time she spoke to a journalist a few years back.

But these days, I have grown very fond of lil’ Xtina. Motherhood, a friendship group that doesn’t include Paris Hilton and a more sophisticated approached to her sexuality has served her well the in not just the public’s esteem, but also my own.

Christina revealed to Larry King this week as part of her involvement with Rock the Vote:

I grew up in a house where politics weren’t discussed,” she explained. “It was a hopeless situation.As a woman, that’s embarrassing that it took [me] so long [to vote] because we weren’t always given that right,” she said.

Right on sister! Rock that vote.

Being a new mother, it was really important for me to get excited about this election.This election is such one of change and new development for our country and for the future of my son. I want the best possibilities for him.

Christina Aguilera : Using her pop princess powers for good and not for evil.

The interview with Larry King can be found here.


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