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When Will The Term “Wifebeater” Finally Be Retired?

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 27, 2008

A reader alerted us to this, er, fashion initiative: meet Silicone Saturdays! Designed in Perth by identical twins Brooke and Lauren, the range is based around crotch-skimming “wifebeaters” (their words) featuring flashy slogans like “HIGH HEELS WILL KILL YOU” and “DIRTY DIRTY BRITNEY”. And the ‘look book’ photos speak for themselves:

Silicone Saturdays

I take it the faintly exploitative feel of the photos on their store’s site is intentional; a hint is their 2Threads profile, which describes their tastes as including “Victoria’s Secret on the tits”. Though I doubt they intented to completely objectify their models by making sure the majority of them had their faces obscured, but then perhaps that’s too generous for a label with the name Silicone Saturdays.

You know, aren’t we all over the whole “raunch culture”/post-fem thing by now?

(Thanks to miss gemma for the heads up!)


3 Responses to “When Will The Term “Wifebeater” Finally Be Retired?”

  1. Barefoot Warrior said

    Hear Hear!

    For some time now I have been using the term ‘singlet of domestic understanding…’


  2. Meils said

    Surely the pricing of said crotch-skimmers is an unhappy coincidence… $69.

    *sighs, intarsias a full length “MUMMY DRINKS BECAUSE YOU CRY” frock*

  3. maya said

    reclaim the gaze ladies. let’s let the women appreciate the women’s bodies. this is clearly not a site for men and it lets the customers show off themselves in their clothes. we’re allowed to be sexual, we can celebrate our bodies as we want and why bitch about girls who want to flaunt? they are beautiful, just enjoy it!

    come, ride the third wave.

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