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Boobs For Barack: And The Winner Is… Democracy!

Posted by Lee on June 30, 2008

If there is one thing for certain that is going to bring Obama closer to the big job in the White House, it is big boobs.

While Obama himself plays the ‘safe’ hope and inspiration card of “A Change We Can Believe In“, the people at (NSFW) have the real winning formula in getting the Democratic hopeful across the polls.

Wow! I really am inspired for change now. And here’s why:

Ladies, show your support for Barack Obama by uploading a picture of your wonderful bossoms! Big or small, black, white, brown or red, real or scientifically modified, they are part of you and we want to see them!

Write a message on your mammories, wear a bra, bathing suit, or go totally bare, if you support Barack, then show IT by showing THEM!

These guys are clearly of the ‘marketing genius’ category of boob, I think.

On further thought, perhaps Melons for Mugabe might ease a bit of that bother that is going on in Zimbabwe right now. At least the voters may get something out of it other then a gun to their head.


2 Responses to “Boobs For Barack: And The Winner Is… Democracy!”

  1. Mel Campbell said

    Of this entire thing, what bothers me most is that they can’t even spell “mammaries” right.

  2. […] It is demeaning to all citizens that we should encourage the attitude that it doesn’t especially matter what elected officials do, say or believe, as long as they’re ‘hot’. And the cult of political ‘hotness’ leads to appalling attempts to ’sex up’ the electoral process, such as ads wooing young voters that feature Jessica Alba naked and gagged in bondage-style duct tape, or Boobs For Barack. […]

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