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Reducing Women In The Media To Sex Objects, Zoo Weekly Does It Best!

Posted by Clem Bastow on June 30, 2008

From the idiots what brung you the “Hottest Feminist” (prize: a lifetime supply of deodorant, GEDDIT) and the competition to win your girlfriend a breast augmentation comes the latest in a long line of pitiful stunts: Zoo Weekly‘s Search For Australia’s Hottest Radio Babe!

For the past few weeks, you have been letting us know which radio honey raises your aerial by nominating them in our Search for Australia’s Hottest Radio Babe competition. After counting endless nominations we’ve finally arrived at the top 30. Vote for your favourite below and remember you can vote as many times as you like too!

Great, huh?! In typical Zoo style, the “finalists” are just pretty pictures, with nary an interview, “describe yourself in five words” or hyperlink to define them.

Incidentally, it’s good to see 92.9 Perth and Nova Brisbane have already had their female presenters get their kits off, presumably in anticipation of this exceptional honour.


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