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Adding Sexist Photos To Stupid Articles, It’s The Way!

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 1, 2008

You probably read this piece about Australian women having tried “cyber sex”; it’s a trumped-up and sensationalised account of the research that forms part of a book published by Joan Sauer, The Sex Lives Of Australian Women. The book’s findings are probably very interesting, not that you’d really know by The Courier Mail‘s treatment of it.

But what really pissed me off was not the “ooh, naughty!” tone of the article (ahem, the headline: “Aussie women get turned on by cyber sex”), which was published yesterday, but it was what did with it on the front page of their site today:

Where do you start with this? Apart from, you know, the titillating “most of them have enjoyed it” (ooh, you dirty vixens!), how about the time honoured tradition of chopping a woman’s image up into faceless, objectified parts? (And not only parts, but ones dressed in ‘slutty’ stockings and ‘CFM boots’, too.) Come on down, sexy legs!


3 Responses to “Adding Sexist Photos To Stupid Articles, It’s The Way!”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    so the only women who have cyber sex (and – gasp! enjoy it) wear fishnet stockings, boots, and have fabulous legs?

  2. mscate said

    geez i thought the whole point of cyber sex was that you could sit there in your ankle length flannelette nightie, bed socks and beanie describing yourself as wearing “go go boots and a crocheted see through mini dress”…..

    And i thought chat rooms and the like all got banned with the great pedophilia crack down in about 2002….

  3. bob said

    The courier mail is the worst daily broadsheet in Australia – and that’s no easy feat. It provokes about as much thought as a game of marbles and is less informative than the back of a cereal box. I’ve lived in Brisbane most of my life and don’t even bother with local news anymore.

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