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The Age: Office Stress Makes You Haggard… Or Something

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 1, 2008

They just keep kicking goals at the Fairfax Digital sites and today’s bit of photo editor brilliance comes from The Age. This article (syndicated from The Guardian) is about dealing with office stress, and how best to approach working with passive aggressive types; all good, sensible stuff.

But watch out, ladies, because those passive aggressive emails could be making you UGLY! Or at least, that’s what the accompanying image seems to be telling us:

“Mmm, that’s much better! Since I confronted my passive aggressive co-worker, my fine lines have been visibly reduced by up to 86% and I am free to wear this flattering beige lip-gloss again!”

Why is it that generic/stock photo images chosen to accompany business articles are so often a) perpetuating sexist gender stereotypes and b) totally pointless?


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