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The Crone Syndrome

Posted by Leah on July 1, 2008

Older women are just so not news worthy, it would seem.

Yesterday a 69 year old man allegedly murdered his 52 year old wife and two grandchildren in a small country town in the state of New South Wales. In the attack his policewoman daughter was also injured.

I first noticed a strange reference on the ninemsn website (which has since been taken down), from memory, the headline read: “Man kills grandchildren, attacks daughter” – hmm, no mention of the 52 year old woman who was also murdered. Righty-o.

Then today I came across this statement reported by National Nine News: “NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says the real tragedy of the alleged triple homicide is that children were involved as well as a serving member of the police force.”

Oh right – the older woman being murdered isn’t a real tragedy. Gotcha.


4 Responses to “The Crone Syndrome”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    I have to disagree with this and put it out there that older women are very newsworthy when it comes to crime, it just depends on the case (from a media perspective). the granny killer, anyone? this is the stuff ACA is made of.

    but I agree it is sad that only the children and the police officer’s injuries were emphasised in the police statement. isn’t the grandmother’s death just as relevant?

  2. Mere Male said

    Grannies are cute, middle aged women are just inconvenient. I mean really once they’ve popped out, and raised, a couple of kids, what are they good for? The ‘real’ tragedy isn’t that she was murdered, it’s that she selfishly hang around for so long past her use-by-date! What a bitch.

  3. Meils said

    It’s possible that part of the reason she hasn’t been mentioned since her husband was arrested is because of the risk of direct identification of the killer through the release of her name.

  4. tina_sparkle said

    meils, they released his name on monday when they launched the hunt for him while he was still on the run. they have released her name as well.

    I guess there’s nothing appealing about middle aged women to evoke emotive responses from the masses when they’re a victim of crime.

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