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Yep, It’s Definitely A Slow News Week In Travel Writing

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 1, 2008

First the Ryanair “free blowjobs” (keep on Googling it, saddoes, we love the page impressions!) story stayed front page news on for three days and counting, now it seems can’t come up with anything of note for their Travel section, either. So, they give you… “The World’s Sexiest Cities With The World’s Hottest Women“!

That’s right, folks, tourism is all about finding totally hot babes! This sad excuse for a “feature” continues, with a vaguely stalker-ish gallery noting what is so “hot” about that particular location’s “women”. For example, Tel Aviv! Says the caption (accompanying a picture of two women wearing lingerie):

“Gasp! … despite the gasmasks, Israel has some of the best looking women in the world, according to the”.

And Copenhagen, what of its comely maidens?

“Copenhagen has some of the friendliest, and maybe even a little bit more sex orientated than their Swedish counterparts.”

And we all know what “friendly” means, don’t we, lads? Great! Thanks for the tip, and! Now I know where to book my holiday to when I stop Googling “free blowjobs on airplane”!


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