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To Pay For Your Pilfering, You Must Be Subjected To A Heavy Punishment

Posted by Lee on July 2, 2008

Is this just because there are some rogue, vigilante security guards in this world who don’t feel that the justice system is hard enough on crime, or is this because well, you know, they are just rapists?

The Brisbane Times reports:

PORT MORESBY – Police in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands’ region are investigating claims a security guard forced a suspected 15-year-old female shoplifter to pay for her crime with sex.

The young girl told police on the weekend security guards working at the Rainbow Store in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province, suspected her of stealing.

The guards detained her in their office before one forced her to have sex with him.

PNG’s Post-Courier newspaper reports the girl reluctantly gave in as she was scared.

Of course she was scared, what with being only 15-years-old aka a minor.

But the headline of this article is most disturbing:

Sex used as punishment for shoplifting

But let this learn you youngens next time you try to nick something. You’ll get to have SEX when you steal something, according to the Brisbane Times.

It is rape you morons, not sex.


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