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Attention Kevin Rudd: Why Is The GST Still Added To Pads And Tampons?

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 4, 2008

On July 1st, 2000, the Howard Government introduced the Goods And Services Tax to Australia. The GST was added to the sale price of pads and tampons, but not condoms or cock rings.

In 2006 I started an online petition, calling for Prime Minister John Howard and Health Minister Dr Michael Wooldridge to remove the GST from women’s sanitary products.

In 2007 I started a Facebook group calling for the same thing; presently there are 1,285 group members.

It was reported that Kevin Rudd’s Labor government would be removing this ridiculous and unfair tax upon Australia’s women. As yet, they have not.

It’s time to go on a letter-writing spree:

Kevin Rudd
Prime Minister
Parliament House
(or use this online form)

Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon
PO Box 6022
House of Representatives
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Australian Government Office for Women
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
PO Box 7576
Canberra Business Centre ACT 2610

This legacy of John Howard’s sexist and archaic policies has lingered long enough. Coughing up money each month for a rolled up chunk of sphagnum/plastic in order to avoid bleeding on everything is not a luxury.


4 Responses to “Attention Kevin Rudd: Why Is The GST Still Added To Pads And Tampons?”

  1. mscate said

    Time for another one of those protests that involve the postage of used tampons?…This particular form of action was quite popular in feminist guerilla groups when I was at uni…

  2. Hush said

    I am outraged this is still an issue! I believed that by now this would be resolved in a logically fair way. I think we should have a month of protest where women don’t use any taxed sanitary products. I think we should just go around bleeding on everything.

    HOW CAN THEY POSSIBLY JUSTIFY THIS! The only people who agree that it should be taxed are people in the government. Not one other person I have ever spoken to, male nor female, believe there should be a tax on them, so WHY? Yep, the money! The tax they make off it is more important then the recognition of a woman’s ‘necessary’ birth producing function and the healthy respect for such. There is no excuse.

    I am also saddened that women are allowing it to happen. If we can’t stop this show of disregard for woman’s physical needs in this modern western society, what can we stop? What power do we really have to even know what is right for our own bodies. This is not just about tampons this has become a contemptuously blatant rejection of the the feminine on all levels.

  3. […] male – biggest bugbears is the fact that the Rudd Government has flatly refused to remove the GST on women’s sanitary products that was brought in approximately fifty thousand years earlier by the Howard Government when the […]

  4. Sophie said

    Was this ever changed? Keep looking to see if they did anything about it and I’m guessing not?

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