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Sometimes, There Are No Words

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 4, 2008

Reader Tim sent us this frankly horrifying link, with the note, “Naturally the only thing you’d test a physics engine with would be a bikini clad, lifeless body.

If you don’t want to click on the link, it features a lifeless female form (yes, in a bikini) falling between floating spheres. I’d make some jibe to the tune of ‘no wonder programmers find it hard to get a date’, but I’m too disturbed.


5 Responses to “Sometimes, There Are No Words”

  1. Dan said

    there is also a Bush (of the George W. variety) version :, but yes.. agreed that the use of the bikini-lady is an odd choice.

  2. grapevine2008 said

    if you position the spheres and the girl correctly, you can make it seem as if she’s humping something.

    ..not that i tried it or anything like that.

  3. mscate said

    i keep thinking of those men that buy ‘real life’ life size dolls….

  4. Tim Norton said

    although I do like the Bush one

  5. tina_sparkle said

    lifeless yes, but don’t forget faceless!

    I never knew that test dummies were blonde, either.

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