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Pamela Anderson Will Always Be A Dumb Blonde Sexpot To

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 5, 2008

You’ve probably heard that Pamela Anderson will be being employed as a Big Brother intruder next week in order to “sex up” the ratings, presumably, but Anderson – a tireless animal rights campaigner – has also expressed an interest in meeting with PM Kevin Rudd to discuss issues like mulesing and live animal exports.

And while I share the view of Feministing and many other bloggers that a lot of PETA’s campaigns are needlessly sexist (oh look, another naked woman with a bunny – and some in a cage, for good measure!), Anderson is to be commended for continuing to fight for the rights of those who can’t speak for themselves, whether it’s by wearing her ‘FAKE’ ugg-boots or using her celebrity status to push for meetings with heads of state.

So naturally, it’s good to see that the Telegraph team take her so seriously:

Never before has shonky Photoshop work been so seamlessly combined with eye-rolling stereotyping and sexism for the benefit of a publication’s readership. Top work, guys.


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