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Dioceses No Longer “Men Only” Causing Bishops To Feel “Ashamed”

Posted by Lee on July 8, 2008

Should we be at least thankful that the Church of England is opening up the debate of consecration of women bishops in the Church or should we be booing and hissing at the traditionalist antiquated views and objections?

A recent General Synod of 468 Church of England members met in York this week to debate and draft up legislation which will bring in women bishops to the Church by 2014. The first woman clergy was annointed by the Church of England in 1994 but the Anglican’s have debated the inclusion of women as bishops or archbishops as unrepresentative of the teachings of the Bible, i.e. Bishops are representatives of God and therefore should appear in his likeness aka male.

Apparently the debate has been quite heated and somewhat emotional for those in opposition, so much so that some members of the Church are considering a solution which could have further gender divisions in the episcopate.

The Telegraph reports:

Hundreds of traditionalists, including several bishops, may leave the church after an epic four-hour debate ended with proposals to create new “men only” dioceses or “super bishops” narrowly thrown out by members of the General Synod in York.

Heavens to Betsy!

Does this not remind you of that darling little game we all used to play as children when we didn’t get our own way and would throw a tantrum, eventually storming out of the room and screaming at the top of your petulant lungs“Fine, I’ll just start a new gang without you!” Ah, kids.

But it continues:

After six hour of emotional debate, one bishop broke down in tears saying he was ashamed of the church for ignoring the deeply felt wishes of traditionalists.

Bishop Venner, said: “I have to say that for the first time in my life I am ashamed“.

Bishop Venner (male) is ashamed for the first time in his life because people like me are pushing my ill-thought out urgings that I am treated the same as my male counterparts.

Golly, how bad do I feel now? Not as bad as I felt after reading this:

In his Sunday sermon, the Archbishop of Canterbury said Jesus would feel the pain on both sides of the divide in the Church of England over women bishops and gay priests.

Now look what you ladies have done! You’ve gone and made baby Jesus cry! Shame on you!

Attempts to amend the motions will continue in the coming weeks but what I want to know now is why is it that some parishes cannot accept female bishops when they have already been accepted them as priests? Was the annointment of women priest a sign that the Church is really, truly open to modern reform or was it just a token gesture to shut us noisy chicks up?


One Response to “Dioceses No Longer “Men Only” Causing Bishops To Feel “Ashamed””

  1. sjx said

    I always get annoyed by the ‘likeness’ thing. Isn’t it a holy trinity, God > Spirit > Jesus, it’s the spirit of God that manifested it’s likeness via the spirit in Jesus, who jusy happened to be a male, it’s not saying that the spirit of God has a definite sex because Jesus was a male. So basically these sexist pigs are misinterpreting the Bible once again…..

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