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Your “OMG Lesbians!” Coverage Continues: Lindsay Lohan Edition

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 8, 2008

I make no secret of my distaste for the tabloid media’s ‘lesbians = hot chicks kissing’ tendencies, but I have to admit I was rather surprised by the relative subtlety with which The Daily Telegraph/ handled Lindsay Lohan’s “confirmation” of her relationship with Samantha Ronson.

Lohan and English-born DJ and musician Samantha Ronson have been virtually inseparable since the start of 2008 and despite leaks that the pair were lovers they kept it secret.

That is until Lohan’s 22nd birthday party when she came out loud and proud.

“I just wanna live a happy healthy year, continue on the path that I’ve been on and be with the person I care about. And my family.

Whether or not that choice of words constitutes a “revelation” in the world of celebrity gossip remains to be seen, and naturally the Tele then undid their “good” work by quoting trash rag The Daily Mail in turn quoting “a source” waxing idiotic about which “roles” Ronson and Lohan were playing at home (because, you know, someone has to be the femme and someone has to be the butch, because that’s how all lesbian relationships work).

But it is rather sweet that after all this evasiveness (and really, why wouldn’t you be evasive if you had meat-headed paparazzi following your every move) and all the frankly hideous attention from the gossip bloggers (Perez Hilton, I am looking squarely at you), Ronson has simply posted a photo of Lohan and herself on her MySpace as ‘confirmation’, just like any other couple in love in the “MySpace generation” would do:

Is it possible that even the News Ltd stable can see that love is love, no matter what gender, sex or sexual preference you are? Signs probably point to “I don’t think so!” but for now I’m content to bask in the glow of young love.


3 Responses to “Your “OMG Lesbians!” Coverage Continues: Lindsay Lohan Edition”

  1. Dan said


  2. Dan said

    (that was respectful post-modernism.)

  3. Mere Male said

    One of the most annoying questions I get asked by straight people when they realize I’m in a gay male relationship is- “who’s the woman in the relationship and who’s the man?”. It’s so infuriating. Because of course in every same sex relationship there MUST be hetro identified roles. How could it possible work any other way?!

    But what really annoys me is the sleazy underlying subtext of this question. What they are really wanting to know is- “who does the fucking and who gets fucked?” This question takes the heterosexual imperialism to a whole new level. The assumption is that being fucked (no matter what hole it’s in) is the domain of women and women only . “There’s no vagina’s involved” I want to scream. “It’s two men, with male body parts, having sex with each other! What the hell is feminine about that?!

    If, as a society, we can’t tell the difference between a butt and a vagina, we must surely have our heads screwed on backwards.

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