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From The Mouths Of (Tumblr) Babes

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 9, 2008

It’s always nice to find another potted definition of feminism for those tiresome occasions when someone whines “But whyyyyy” at you over the din of a dinner party, so I was pleased to stumble upon this post from Sex, Art And PoliticsTumbelog:

Feminism is a critical tool which takes as a given that the patriarchy exists and that the patriarchy is one of the many ways by which societal hierarchies are maintained. The patriarchy saps agency from the populace and, as a feminist, one seeks to restore that agency to the people.

Another one to add to the handy cue-cards you carry in your back pocket. Particularly useful for the white hetero males who like to have a cry about being “excluded” from feminist discourse (probably because white hetero males are rarely excluded from anything, so they really feel it, maaan).


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