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Groan-Inducing Action-Movie-Related Quote Of The Week

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 9, 2008

If you regularly cruise the movie news/gossip sites you will be aware that a G.I. Joe movie is currently in production (no doubt inspired by the success of other toy-cum-movie franchises like Transformers and The Godfather), with Sienna Miller cast as The Baroness.

Thus, you’d expect toy/cartoon nerds to be sulking over whether or not she looks enough like either of the original incarnations of the character, but the film’s own director Stephen Sommers? Here’s what Miller had to say about the creation of her character:

Miller admits she was left slightly stunned when Sommers told her that her small chest had to be given an extra boost so she would look more curvaceous on screen.

She says, “(I wear a) tight black leather outfit. And much bigger boobs.

“They gave me these things that looked like chicken fillets. The director said, ‘I’m gonna be honest, I like girls with big boobs,’ and I don’t have them so we made them bigger.

“At least he’s honest. But I was mildly offended.”

Slightly stunned? Mildly offended? If I were Miller I would’ve employed my newly minted action figure power moves and issued him a swift flying kick to the jugular.

Sexual harassment: it’s okay if you do it through a megaphone from the Director’s chair!


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