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More Boobs For Barack: Snaps from Across the Pond

Posted by Lee on July 9, 2008

The other day at The Dawn Chorus HQ, we received a rather lovely email from a reader named Becca about our post on Boobs For Barack : And The Winner is Democracy.

Thanks Becca! We love receiving lovely emails.

Becca also had the misfortune of discovering the Boobs For Barack site and this is what she told us:

Hey feminists from across the world! I saw your post about how lame boobsforbarack is because i also posted about it on my blog, and wanted to give you a high-five!

Also you might find it interesting that (supposedly) the creator of the site has commented on my post trying to justify himself: here’s the link:**ers-manipulating-women/

As you can see, Becca has similar concerns about the feminine image being used to illustrate a point that really has absolutely nothing to do with the feminine image nor in fact the point of Barack Obama.

And high-fives back to our new friend for illustrating her point in a much more inventive way then we did in submitting her own very own images to the fine people at Boobs for Barack.

Please admire Becca’s handy work if you please:

Phil from Boobs for Barack didn’t seem as taken with the images as we were. Here is a little excerpt from Becca’s blog comments from Phil himself:

Maybe my head is in the clouds here, but I think of this as a fun, creative, and yeah kind of silly way for women to show their support of Barack Obama. Period. It was never meant to offend anyone, and I’m sorry that it did obviously offend you.

Poor Phil. So misunderstood, yes?

Becca doesn’t seem to think so. Generally as a rule, I shy away from blog wars with complete idiots however in this case, I applaud Becca’s brass.

Please click here to read Becca’s rather wonderful smack-down served to Phil as an FYI on his own idiocy. Re-quoting her will not do it justice.


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