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Jessica Valenti Responds To The ‘Jezebel vs The Blogosphere’ Fracas

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 10, 2008

Dawn Chorister Elmo wrote about the Thinking And Drinking/Slut Machine/Moe/Lizz Winstead interview fallout yesterday, and – having watched the interviews, read the comment flamewars, and the involved parties’ personal responses – I’ve been trying to work out how I feel about it ever since. The media – and the post-fem/anti-fem/sexist portions of the population – like nothing more than to rant about how feminists are fighting with each other, how it’s all dissolved into a massive bitch-fest, and so on. It seems no one can decide whether Moe and Tracie were representing Jezebel, or themselves, or feminism as a whole, or whatever. It’s a minefield.

But I think this closing point from Jessica Valenti’s Feministing piece on the topic sums up where I personally stand on it all:

I deeply care about the way that feminism is portrayed, the ways that feminist issues get talked about and how to create a better world for women. And maybe that makes me some post-hipster too-earnest uncool idealist, but I’d rather be a dork with a cause than a nihilist with a lot of page views.

As one of the commenters on Feministing said, “‘I’d rather be a dork with a cause than a nihilist with a lot of page views.’ And that pretty much says it all. I want that on a t-shirt, for real.” Sign me up for one of them.


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