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Boorish Bride, Goaded Groom…?

Posted by Cate on July 14, 2008

I was walking down Sydney Road, Brunswick the other morning. It involves walking past A LOT of wedding related retailers. I’m getting married later this year and every time I was down the street I get an eyeful of dresses ranging from frou-frou, haute couture and meringue; pointy shoes pasted with fake diamantes; heavily embossed jewelers; laser cut invitations; unidentifiable sweets concealed by gauze; some slightly suspicious looking reception centres and enough snow white ephemera to remind me that your wedding is not about celebrating your loving relationship with family and friends but actually a socially sanctioned legal and commercial enterprise. Celebrating your love makes other people rich.

And it’s fraught with the most bewildering array of social practices, traditions and conventions… I will write a pithy diatribe on these at a later date, not enough coffee this morning to begin.

But then I saw this:


Most intriuging. Could it be from a jilted bride? Jilted groom? Jilted ex-partner of potential bride or groom? Or some kind of counter culture revolutionary reaction against the giant meringues in the window? The mind boggles…


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