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Is This What A Paedophile Looks Like?

Posted by Cate on July 14, 2008

Well, maybe not a paedophile, but it seems the Pope is busy apologising for the sexual abuse perpetrated by certain members of the Catholic Church wherever he goes.

Dawn Chorus reader Chris sent me details from this website, Catholic House And Garden. Catholic Children’s costumes! Just in time for the Pope! The costumes are Made in the USA by American Farm women (their bolding suggested national pride preferences their identities as women and farm women at that).

The Pope:

Our Lady of Lourdes:

St George: (I have to admit it’s rather cute)

Joan of Arc “Perfect for high spirited girls!”

Interestingly the costumes were in response to ones like these

Yes, more depictions of sexualised ‘mini-adults’ as I’ve lamented in a previous post.

At any rate, I’m thinking what kind of mini-adults I’d like to see as potrayed in costume. Women who have challenged notions of ‘femininity’ and female roles and expectations.

So far I have:

Frieda Kahlo

Kim Gordon

Janet Frame

Fiona Wood

Adela Pankhurst

Beatrice Faust

Lisa Simpson

I’m keen to heae your suggestions of women you’d like celebrated through costume and why, and I will make a girl’s costume of my favourite for The Dawn Chorus. Reply here or email me at

(Costumes to be continued)…


4 Responses to “Is This What A Paedophile Looks Like?”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    how about a germaine greer costume? complete with a rubber face mask fixed in a permanent scowl?

  2. Shane Hanmer said

    With the exception of Lisa Simpson, I pity the young girl sent to school on dress up day as any of the listed figures.

    At least the Frida Kahlo (you really should learn to spell her name) costume would be cheap. You only really need a black texta …

  3. mscate said

    I deliberately left her off the list-too ivory tower for my liking 😀

  4. mscate said

    so, do you have any alternatives then Shane?

    ps- I’ve got several Frida prints with both Frieda and Frida used….

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