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Kim Kardashian’s Unforgiving Frock

Posted by Talia Cain on July 15, 2008

I’ve noticed that continue to dish out the hard-hitting news and today they’ve got a feature on a new fashion-craze, “The Bandaid Dress”. You can peruse the gallery of celebs in skin-tight dresses, these frocks are fashion designer Herve Leger’s creation and are said to act like a pair of fancy Nancy Ganz.

Here is Paris Hilton’s Pal, Kim Kardashian in one of Leger’s frocks:

Snapper Media

Amongst the mundane captions, I noticed Kardashian was given a slap in the face with the tagline: “the curvy reality star is a big fan of the bandage dress which is incredibly unforgiving on her voluptuous figure“.

I translated this into Perez Hilton speak as “sure you love those dresses Kim, but it really shows us that you’re quite the fatty”. I hate passive-aggressive taglines like this, Kim happens to have a beautiful figure from the looks of it. I can tell you right now that it takes every ounce of guts to wear a dress like this and I think she looks smoking-hot. But it really is a scandal, she has curves! She is wearing a daring colour to contrast with her beautiful complexion! More scandalous is that… She has BREASTS, A BUM AND ISN’T A SIZE ZERO! Cue the outrage.

Muchas gracias, for reminding us that a woman with curves should not bring shame upon her self in a tight frock and thus, should stick to the potato sack.


4 Responses to “Kim Kardashian’s Unforgiving Frock”

  1. hannahcolman said

    That sort of tag reminds me of the hideous captions and headlines that accompany any of the gossip magazines’ articles about celebrities putting on or losing weight.
    I picked one up in the supermarket the other day which had pictures of stars with *gasp* cellulite, etc, on the cover, with the headline something like “Stars put on weight… FINALLY!”
    Is this the ultimate in a backhanded compliment? Are we really meant to believe that the editors are actually pleased and relieved that certain stars have put on weight because previously they might have been “dangerously thin” or “starving to DEATH” or something equally dramatic?
    Because in follow up pages, they resort to words like “unforgiving” (ultimate example above) when describing a girl with curves.

  2. tina_sparkle said

    kim is one hot mama in that dress. thankyou for reminding me that because I’m not a size 10 I should parade around in nothing less than a sack dress. because they’re SO flattering.

    now, where did I put my self esteem? ………..aha! here it is, buried underneath a pile of crap that’s meant to constitute as ‘news’.

  3. Vee said

    Actually, I feel I should point out that it said “incredibly FORGIVING on her voluptuous figure”. Not unforgiving. This kind of changes the meaning of the sentence.
    While I agree with everything else written above, the caption that started the debate was wrongly quoted.,26498,5033012-5007193-16,00.html

    I believe what meant by that comment was that the dress looks lovely on her, even though she isn’t stick thin. She chose a dress that suits her. It was a compliment. Get your facts right next time for a bit more credibility, because you made some good points otherwise.

  4. taliatalia said

    Hi there Vee,

    I cut and pasted that tagline from I didn’t type it out. I can remember the word sticking out like a sore thumb. So, I actually stand by my story. Whether unforgiving has been changed to forgiving since is highly possible. But, as I said, it was a cut-and-paste job.

    Make up your own mind I guess.


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