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Inappropriate Google Advertising

Posted by hannahcolman on July 16, 2008

My inappropriate-interwebs-advertising-spotting editor Clem has already pointed out some corkers that she came across on Facebook.

Today I happened to be trawling the Dawn Chorus archives (we’re only 3 weeks old so trawling is probably a bit excessive), and came across the Catherine Deveny interview. I clicked the link to one of her controversial opinion pieces (‘Why do some wives still change their names?The Age, September 5th 2007). An excerpt: 

Whenever two parents are working and the child is propped up on the sideline waiting for its turn, why is it only the woman who gets bagged, as if the father has no responsibility for the care of his own child? Why, when a woman is working, does she always get asked, “Who’s looking after your children?”, but the father never does? We need to take the focus off the role of mother and put it on to parents as a team.

Imagine my delight when I scrolled down and saw which advertisements Google had strategically placed beneath the article.

Quick and Easy Tips for Mum? I bet Deveny would be thrilled with this. I somehow doubt there’s a ‘Quick and Easy Tips for Dad’ in publication.

10 Rules of Flat Stomach? Patronising and gramatically incorrect.

But the mind truly boggles at the final offering.

Chat To Married Women?  WTF?!


5 Responses to “Inappropriate Google Advertising”

  1. Hmmm said

    Is it really that sexiest that our society prescribes the role of care giver to the mother. I mean it’s only been that way since, I don’t know… THE BEGINNING OF HUMAN EXISTENCE.

    Biologically a woman is designed to care for her child. That’s why she has those funny things called breasts, that so conveniently fill with milk, so she she can feed and nurture her child. I believe in equality. My father shared the housework, cooking and parenting with my mother, but it’s just unaware intellectualism to not recognize that there are some roles that are more gender specific than others.

  2. Hmmm said

    That was meant to be ‘sexist’ not ‘sexiest’. My bad!

  3. Clem Bastow said

    You’re on shaky ground there, Hmmm – firstly because women may be “designed” have children, but that doesn’t mean we must, and secondly because some women weren’t designed to.

    And the idea that a woman has to work hard to regain a flat stomach after pregnancy is most definitely sexist.

  4. mscate said

    Hmmm, you make women sound a bit like a cow, women who choose to be mothers are not limited to breastfeeding, y’know. Plenty of women bottle up the milk and other choose or are unable to breastfeed for all kinds of very good reasons.

  5. Hmmm said

    Well in the sense that they are biologically designed to feed and care for their children, they are like female cows. Whether they can or want to breast feed their baby is another story and has nothing to do with the fact that it is going to grow up faster, healthier and smarter if it’s feed on it’s mothers milk.

    And regarding the comment above you, I never said a woman “must” have a baby, however you are ALL evolutionary intended to. You say some weren’t designed to, which is true, but this just makes them anomalies to the norm and doesn’t make my original comment any less valid.

    ‘Caregiver’ is a role nature has prescribed to you. Obviously it’s not the only role you can play, but it’s yours more than it is a man’s.

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