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A Lesson In Insensitivity From The Age Online Subs

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 17, 2008

You’ve likely heard the news lately about Bishop Anthony Fisher describing parents of two girls, Emma and Katherine Foster, who were raped by a Catholic priest, as having been “dwelling crankily […] on old wounds” because they are seeking an apology from Cardinal George Pell (our girl Rhiana writes about it here). Emma committed suicide this year, aged 26; Katherine apparently drank heavily before she was run over by a drunk driver in ’99, and is now disabled.

The girls’ parents, Anthony and Christine, arrived in Sydney this morning after flying in from England.

Here’s how the front page of The Age Online thought to deal with it (and thanks to Audrey for the tip off):

If you can’t read the caption down the bottom, it says “rape girls’ father”. And then again, when you click through to the story, you get this headline:

Bishop’s comments ‘disgusting’: rape girls’ father

Hey, The Age Online, you know what else is insensitive? Referring to these women – one of whom, tragically, is no longer with us – as “rape girls”.

Get a clue, sub-editors.


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