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Older Women Are Funny Looking!

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 17, 2008

As though it weren’t already hard enough for women over the age of about, oh, 45 to have any visibility whatsoever these days, it seems the media will permit you a few appearances during your “twilight years”, provided they can make fun of you.

To wit, this exemplary piece of entertainment journalism from Monday’s MX “newspaper”:

Geddit? Because she’s wrinkly and old! Just like Yoda! Pfft.

Lookalike and ‘Separated At Birth’ features used to be a bit of lighthearted fun, featuring actually interesting similarities, like Michelle Williams/Shelley Winters and so forth. But more and more these days – thanks to my favourite gossip blogger Perez Hilton, and that fucking “SJP looks like a horse” site – it’s a chance to stick the boot into stars, largely women, who don’t fit the bill when it comes to what is considered acceptable, appearance-wise.


One Response to “Older Women Are Funny Looking!”

  1. rayedish said

    This crud makes me sad. I think that Dame Maggie looks awesome and it is so annoying the way that any woman in the public eye who either doesn’t subscribe to the prevailing beauty conventions, or who does but doesn’t successfully pull it off is considered to be fair game for the bottom feeders. Come to think of it every woman who puts herself in the public gaze is considered to be fair game. *sighs*

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