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Behind Every Good Man…

Posted by Rhiana Whitson on July 19, 2008

Did anyone else find the “exclusive” cover story in today’s Age more than a little cringeworthy? I certainly did…

“Tour of duty: Cadel’s wife endures an anxious cycle of highs and lows”

Yes I know it is the Tour de France… and perhaps Lane thought it would be interesting to tackle the race from a ‘different’ more ‘human’ angle by interviewing Australian cyclist, Cadel Evans wife, Chiara Passerini… BUT really, puhlease… aside from this story being less than front page newsworthy… It is a shame that in a rare occasion that women in sport actually appear on the front cover of any major newspaper (or throughout) we are presented not with an actual woman excelling in sport BUT an attractive WIFE of a man excelling in sport.

Whilst it is very sweet to read about Chiara Passerini expressing her concerns for her husbands well being in what can apparently be a very dangerous race, I feel that this type of article only acts to reinforce the age-old stereotype of the ‘good’ woman/wife behind the ‘GREAT’ man.


One Response to “Behind Every Good Man…”

  1. Madeleine said

    I can’t imagine she would have made the front page if it weren’t for her blondeness and hotness.

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