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Weekend Love-In: Darling, Do You Love Me? (1968)

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 19, 2008

A bit of Saturday silliness for your Weekend Love-In today. As we all gear up for Hippie Hippie Shake, chronicling the life and times of Oz‘s Richard Neville and his entourage (including Louise Ferrier, Jenny Kee and Germaine Greer), here’s a bit of genuine Oz-era loopiness starring the divine Ms Greer herself, and directed by ’60s icons Martin Sharp and Bob Whittaker, thanks to the British Film Insitute’s Mediatheque colection.

You may have read Greer’s reaction to the Hippie Hippie Shake production, in the Guardian, in which she said:

You used to have to die before assorted hacks started munching your remains and modelling a new version of you out of their own excreta.

So, because she’s awesome, and in an effort to counter the no doubt Vaseline-on-the-lens MO of Hippie Hippie Shake, here’s Germaine Greer in Darling, Do You Love Me?

Happy love-hunting everyone! We love you, Germaine and Bob and Martin!


One Response to “Weekend Love-In: Darling, Do You Love Me? (1968)”

  1. blue milk said

    Oh I do love Germaine and thank you, thank you for making me aware of this clip on youtube. What a nice introduction to your site.

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