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Quote Of The Duuuhhh

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 22, 2008

Not that I think we should really expect much from a lass who wears cut-out pants and “glamourous” heels in her relentless pursuit of fame and fortune, but I just about barfed up my doner kebab when I read this quote from celebreality star Brooke “Daughter Of Hulk” Hogan (issued on her reality show Brooke Knows Best while interviewing a potential roommate):

You know what? I am actually not that much into voting. I think it’s kinda crazy that a woman is running, because I think that women deal with a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff. Like, I’m so moody all the time, I know I couldn’t be able to run a country, ‘cause I’d be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, ya know?

Apparently her potential roommate’s response was “Really.”

Good to see a young lady in the public eye perpetuating ridiculous myths about womanhood to an audience of millions – top work, Brooke!


2 Responses to “Quote Of The Duuuhhh”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    please tell me that quote is wrong. like the one (since proven to be untrue)reportedly made by mariah carey: “I’d love to be skinny like those kids in africa, but not with all the flies and death and stuff”

  2. I almost choked when I saw this. Mind you, the whole family seems beyond crazy.

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