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Gee, I Wonder Why This Farmer Can’t Find A Wife?

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 24, 2008

I’ve been watching The Farmer Wants A Wife on and off (and by god but that title just makes me think of some cro-magnon man in R.M. Williams grunting “Me want wife! Me take now!” before doinking some girl on the head with his tyre iron) and was particularly amazed on Monday by Farmer James’ gobsmacking unreconstructed nature: letting the women do all the cooking, drinking copious amounts of beer, storming off in a rain of expletives when one of his “chosen wives” dared to pull him up on, oh, acting like a complete tool.

Well, it seems Farmer James is a real catch! Here he is, running his mouth off in TV Week:

“I chose Cherie because I thought she was a character, but once I got to know her she was as rough as guts,” James said in the latest edition of TV Week.

“She needed a 44-gallon drum of spit to shine her up! The only reason I picked her was because I didn’t have much choice. Some of the other guys had 200 women apply, but I only had 24,” he said.

“Toni was the next pick – she’s got her head screwed on and owns a house, but I’m really looking for someone a bit younger.

“She’s 36 and when someone is that age, the old body clock is ticking. You want to know someone a couple of years before you jump into (having kids).”

Charming, particularly the “44 gallon drum of spit” line. Has James looked in the mirror lately? I would advise against going anywhere near the local pig farm on slaughter day, lest he be mistaken for one of his porcine relatives and sliced up as bacon rashers. (My co-conspirator Jess has some other “highlights” from Farmer James’ repertoire over at Defamer Australia.)

Really, this has just confirmed the decidedly unpleasant undertones of this show. Sure, rural loneliness is a big problem, and so is the apparent ‘man drought’, but The Farmer Wants A Wife is like something from ancient Rome – they stop short of making the “wives” wrestle each other in a mud pit with crowbars, but I’m sure it wouldn’t take much pushing of the producers to get something like that into the show.


One Response to “Gee, I Wonder Why This Farmer Can’t Find A Wife?”

  1. mscate said

    shine her up? geez…

    I remember watching a similar show on SBS a year or so ago. It involved women (from Australia and the UK) staying with Aussie farmers…

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