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Flock’s ‘Gloss’ Browser: Because All Women Care About Is Clothes And Gossip

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 26, 2008

When it comes to gender-specific marketing (see: pink Diet Coke bottles) my reaction is usually “Don’t get me started…” – fortunately for all of you here in the virtual world, I can get started without worrying about killing the conversation. To wit, Flock’s new “Gloss Edition” browser. Can you tell who they are aiming for?

It’s pink! How darling! Barf. And it gets worse from there:

You Deserve It. Indulge Yourself.

What is it, a freaking chocolate bar? The gooey condescension continues, essentially saying, “We know all you girls want to look at on the internet is, like, clothes and stuff. And OMG, don’t you just looove SATC? All women love SATC!”

If you don’t use the Flock Gloss Edition Browser, you’re probably out of touch with the latest dish. You should treat yourself better. Go on and try it on for size.

What fucks me off about this (amongst many, many things) is that it’s perpetuating some 1998 idea that women have no place on the internet unless they’re shopping for clothes, when the fact is that females (particularly younger girls) more often than not outnumber their male counterparts when it comes to embracing online technology.

Look, I like pink – in roses, one of my winter coats, one of my sheet sets and a few of my make-up items. But do I want everything I do to be pink? And do I need to be told about hot dresses and amazing gossip while I’m trying to read newspapers and do research online? Hell no.

The Gloss browser probably brings up a 500 error if you try to search for anything other than “Manolo Blahnik +sale”.


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