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Samantha Brett Has A Warning For All You Sluts

Posted by Clem Bastow on July 29, 2008

Once again Ms Brett has whipped up a “column” (blog) that seems to be all about how awesome it is to have one-night stands, with said enthusiasm being only a thin veneer over the same old post-fem slut-shaming and hysteria mongering. Check it out:

When broaching the topic over wines with friends, each had a pressing tale of a one-night stand gone wrong. One quips that she got a urinary tract infection from a guy she met at a bar; another was told that she’d be called the next day, only she hasn’t heard from the dude in three weeks, and the third caught crabs. Eek …

UTIs and abandonment and parasites, oh my! Brett goes on to mention that the paramount “rule” of one night stands is to use protection, which is a good point, but hang on, what’s that?

Not to mention that a third of New Yorkers have an STD, and it’s enough to force you to carry a pack of condoms in your wallet for life.

Thanks for the tip, Sam, I’ll remember that the next time I am having sex all over the Big Apple! Can someone tell her she’s actually not Carrie Bradshaw?

In the course of the blog she quotes another questionable study, and chooses to focus on the fact that some female respondents felt “used and dirty” the morning after and about half regretted it. No mention of the half that didn’t.

I for one am tired of Ask Sam‘s conservative dross dressed up as hip, happening modern chick lit. Here’s a thought, Sam: how about a blog on how sometimes, people have brief sexual encounters, do so thoughtfully and maturely, catch no STIs, have an awesome time and feel fantastic the next day?


One Response to “Samantha Brett Has A Warning For All You Sluts”

  1. Jessica said

    I was always told by my feminist mother and her friends that as a female, i was allowed to do anything i want sexually so long as i was safe about it.

    And all throughout my teens was led to believe that that “fucking like a man” was something to aim for. (ie, doing what you want and having no regrets.)

    So when it came time for me to, er, enjoy some sexual encounters outside of a loving relationship i was SHOCKED that i didnt feel awesome and liberated and [insert feminist cliche here.] And i felt betrayed by the people who led me to believe that everything would be hunky dory.

    There is a middle ground between shaming women and full on lying to them. And being fed the lie that “all men fuck with reckless abandon and feel awesome about it the next day so we should be able to too!” is one the biggest loads of horseshit females get fed growing up. Men are not all like that. Not by a long shot. And it’s an offensive and untrue stereotype.

    Casual sex isnt all skipping through fields of flowers and sunshine and orgasms and wonderfulness. Sure it can be, if you’re lucky. Very lucky! But for most people (men and women) sex does often end in regret and bad experiences. And it’s not a negative or “shaming” thing to make people aware of it.

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