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The Apology-Bot 3000 – Saving Relationships From Sudden Death

Posted by hannahcolman on July 29, 2008

I happened to be casually YouTubing my way through Tuesday afternoon and stumbled across an advertisement that I felt I should share.

Apparently this beauty, for Bud Light beer, was ‘too racy for TV’ (according to the video’s full title.) Hmm, racy is not exactly the word I’d use, but I’ll let you make up your own minds.  

Now, just before you watch it, I’m going to make a couple of assumptions. Feel free to let me know if you think I’ve jumped to conclusions.

1. This ad was written by a man.

2. The man who wrote this ad was a total prong.



What I like the most is that it says to blokes that it’s OK to make a sex tape with your girlfriend, sell it to XXX stores, and buy heaps of lapdances with your newly earned mint. Then, it’s as simple as sending her a creepy robot to give her a (light) beer and a balloon proclaiming “My Bad!” and all will be forgiven! Ahh, modern relationships.


10 Responses to “The Apology-Bot 3000 – Saving Relationships From Sudden Death”

  1. mscate said

    a real eye roller. Glad I don’t drink beer

  2. audrey said

    Words cannot…..


    It’s like they’re not even trying to be imaginitively sexist anymore.

  3. Calippius Frogg said

    MsCate, you’re perpetuating a gender stereotype by not drinking beer.

    p.s. Bud Light isn’t actually a light beer in the way you Aussies usually think – the term refers to its taste, not its strength.

  4. Matt said

    Hahaha! Get a sense of humour, ladies

  5. caitlinate said

    Hahaha! Go fuck yourself Matt!

  6. Matt said

    You’re all perpetuating a gender stereotype by being uptight. . .

  7. caitlinate said

    You’re perpetuating gender oppression by being an asshole. Ooh, and a gender stereotype by being a male asshole! Congrats on covering all your bases.

  8. tina_sparkle said

    matt, I believe the advertiser is the one perpetuating gender stereotypes (as well as your good self of course by assuming we’re all highly strung, short haired hairy lesbians).

    just because you *think* this is ok doesn’t mean it is.

  9. Chico said

    this is pretty cool.

  10. dustin said

    You ladies be trollin’
    I agree that this video makes the woman look stupid for accepting a beer as an apology for a really bad situation. But does it not make the man look bad as well? A guy who makes sex tapes, gets lap dances, is too dumb to know how to apologize himself, and who can’t think of anything else but a beer to give her? Makes the guy look pretty damn stupid.
    I’ve never been on a feminism site before, and with all the trolling and hate I see, I kinda feel bad for you. You won’t get many men to listen to you with that attitude, if anything it will be counterproductive. If you all were respectful about it I’d be inclined to hear you out and possibly think twice about the negative stereotype you have been given.

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