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“Stupid And Inappropriate”

Posted by Cate on August 1, 2008

Sam Newman is at it again. According to, Tasmanian State Government Minister Paua Wriedt is the latest victim of his misogynist mouth. A clip was aired on The Footy Show of Ms Wriedt commenting on a major sponsorship deal backing a Tasmanian bid for an AFL team. After which Newman said, “She’s worthy of coming on, her.”

The comments immediately drew the ire of co-host James Brayshaw, who berated Newman telling him: “Sam you cannot say that.”

The role of men policing the behaviour of other men is important. Ms Wriedt notes:

“I have received numerous emails today expressing disgust at what Mr Newman said, and I would point out that many of these have been sent by men concerned at the nature of the comments.”

My experience in working in sexual harassment is that men’s behaviour and attitudes are mostly likely to change for the good when they are challenged, corrected or educated by other men. As a woman, I find this frustrating, as we’d all like to be agents for social change, but it often the condemnation of one’s peers that has the most resonance. I wish more people were vocal when witnessing comments or behaviour that is sexist or inappropriate.


2 Responses to ““Stupid And Inappropriate””

  1. James said

    Sam Newman is really just a running joke. The fact that he’s still in the entertainment business is a real embarrassment.

  2. audrey said

    Hey Clem – I blogged this for The Sunday Mail this week. Interesting responses..

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