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Ladies: If You’re Ugly And Need A Man, Move To Mount Isa!

Posted by Sara Lewis on August 17, 2008

That’s what Mayor John Molony wants you to believe anyway. Mount Isa, a mining town in northwest Queensland where men outnumber women five to one, is hoping to raise the female quotient with some ‘beauty-disadvantaged’ types:

May I suggest if there are five blokes to every girl, we should find out where there are beauty-disadvantaged women and ask them to proceed to Mount Isa,” Cr Molony said.

Quite often you will see walking down the street a lass who is not so attractive with a wide smile on her face. Whether it is recollection of something previous or anticipation for the next evening, there is a degree of happiness.

Often those who are beauty-disadvantaged are unhappy with their lot.
Some, in other places in Australia, need to proceed to Mount Isa where happiness awaits.

You’re a saintly spirit, aren’t ya John? Taking time out of your busy schedule to help poor ugly girls find a man to solve all their problems! You’re turning ugly girls’ frowns upside down for the good of the country! Because if you’re ugly you must be down at the mouth- you clearly couldn’t have anything else going for you! Oh, John. You haven’t got room for the ‘wrong sort of people‘ (read: Indigenous Australians from the Northern Territory) in The Isa, but you’re certainly prepared to accommodate unhappy ugly girls with intact hymens! Bless you, Mister Mayor!

Thankfully Molony is mostly alone in his views. State MP Betty Kiernan has blasted his remarks as being ‘sexist’ and not representative of Mt Isa at all – and we should certainly hope not.

It’s no wonder there aren’t any women in the area. Regardless of the fact that the number of females in labourer’s jobs is growing only at a snail’s pace, and despite the issue of unequal pay in the field, I’m not sure women would be flocking in droves to live in a city where the Mayor proposes to fix all their problems with a simple injection of cock.


10 Responses to “Ladies: If You’re Ugly And Need A Man, Move To Mount Isa!”

  1. jonolan said

    Like it or not, this is a proven technique for finding less desirable women mates – and for finding less desirable men – the miners – mates as well.

    A locale needs families in order to thrive. A township, region or whatever with a mostly male population does not thrive as a community.

    You may find it sexist. You may well be a women who does not particularly desire the “attentions” of men or a family, but don’t dismiss an idea that may have appeal for other women who are more desiring of “traditional roles” and families.

  2. hannahcolman said

    When did the term “beauty-disadvantaged” enter the common lexicon? It’s so clunky, yet vivid.

    Also, thankyou for including Mayor Malony’s photograph in the post.

  3. Mel Campbell said

    Perhaps if the mayor offered women high-paying jobs in Mt Isa rather than preying on their insecurities about their looks, he might have more success in evening up the town’s gender imbalance.

    After all, the article goes on to say that many men only go to Mt Isa for money. It’s not as if they want to build families there.

  4. jonolan said


    On this I must plead ignorance. Are there high paying jobs in Mt. Isa, aside from working in the mines themselves?

    Men go there to work the mines – a dangerous, dirty and horribly physically taxing occupation. On their off-duty hours I pretty sure they behave as do any group of men in a mining town. Perhaps adding women to the mix was thought to be a way of turning Mt. Isa into something beyond just a mining town.

  5. sim said

    This reminds me of that precious survey they did in the SMH a while ago. It was pitched at women in this awful Sam-and-the-City “Where have all the single men gone?” tone. The survey itself only asked me how old they were, how much money they earned and whether they were married. The result was that all the desirable, single men live in Paddington – tee hee.

    It is true that some women just want to find a man. I don’t really see a problem with that. I mean, you’d hope that they have all kinds of other interests and are self-sufficient and whatever, but really, searching for meaningful companionship is not something to be looked down upon.

    Advertising a high men-to-women ration is a pretty savvy marketing strategy. I object strongly to the way this mayor has expressed it, and especially his assumption that less-attractive women are likely to have been passed-over. He’s clearly an absolute dick. He would have been better off focussing on how much women would be appreciated in Mt Isa, and try to lure the women who want a man and find the idea of being involved in the regeneration of a community appealing.

  6. mscate said

    Who decides who is ‘beauty challenged’? The Mayor? Bloody hell.

  7. Mel Campbell said

    jonolan: What I was saying is that the mayor should think about what attracts men to Mt Isa to compensate them for the horribleness of the job and the loneliness of being far from family and friends – that is, high salaries – and then apply that same reasoning to attracting women to the town.

    For me, the insulting part of the mayor’s idiotic proposition is that “getting a man” is the only incentive he’s offering to women for moving to a terrible shithole with threatening amounts of testosterone in the air. It assumes that this alone will fulfill a woman’s aspirations utterly.

    Even a woman whose main goal in life is building a family wants to marry a decent bloke and live in a pleasant place where she has friends and support networks. And the mayor simply isn’t offering any of these things – he’s doing completely the opposite by showing women that Mt Isa is a lonely, isolated town filled with men who plan to use them for sex.

  8. Josie said

    Well I for one would love to move to Australia and find a man. I’m not ugly duckling, and can be called cute at best, but I’m certainly not having any luck here in the U.S. where unless you’re a model, the men at my age are going thru their mid life crisis and it’s virtually impossible to find anyone. Sign me up!!

  9. anne said

    i agree josie, they can sign me up too lol. nice post you wrote.

    even though i’m from england, i think it is honest and good that the mayor has mentioned where ladies who may not be glamorous looking or feeling rejected could go to find a husband.
    i’m one who is not pretty and i appreciate being ‘given a clue’!!!

    >anne 🙂

  10. Sara Lewis said

    I agree with you, Sim.

    I’m not at all attempting to undermine women who are looking for companionship, but do those women truly think that John Molony made his comments out of the good of his heart to help them? To me, this appears to be a half-assed attempt at PR for Mt Isa -and highly unnecessary PR at that.

    It has only been two months since Molony made his comment about itinerant Indigenous Australians moving to Mt Isa (largely as a result of the NT drinking laws) and his unwillingness to deal with them.

    It seems to me that, however flippant his most recent comments, Molony is in no position to be publicly inviting people (in this case, “beauty-disadvantaged” women) to migrate en masse to Mt Isa. He clearly has enough of a problem addressing the issue of the Indigenous internal migrants already in the town, and is not prepared to accommodate for them. There is a much larger issue at hand (specifically the NT’s emergency response plan and its acute effects on the surrounding areas that were highly unplanned for), and I would expect Molony, as the Mayor, to speak with far less flippancy in regard to migration into Mt Isa.

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