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So Where Can I Bid On A Date With A Hot Dude?

Posted by Clem Bastow on August 19, 2008

A short “watercooler” piece to go with your coffee, courtesy of Miss Universe Australia Laura Dundovic’s announcement at the end of last week that she’s auctioning a date with herself (for charity, of course). Here’s the 411:

“It’s a bit exciting to be auctioned off as a date but it’s been three years since I last went on one, so I have high expectations and am expecting to get swept off my feet,” Dundovic said.

I realise there has been some coverage of everyday people putting themselves on eBay that includes men (whether it’s the WA man who sold his life, or the bunch of dudes who promised a wicked night out), inevitably it seems that celebrity/charity auctions are “selling” women (just recently I count quality time with Hayden Paniettiere, Scarlett Johansson and Miley Cyrus as having gone not-so-cheap).

I could just be being oversensitive but does anyone else find it mildly irksome that these sorts of stunts always find people putting a price on female celebs? Why is it always women who are auctioned off for charity?


One Response to “So Where Can I Bid On A Date With A Hot Dude?”

  1. Mel Campbell said

    I seem to recall some auctions of blokes, but – oh god – I have just realised it was a scene on the show Men In Trees where two women who were vying for one dude’s affections got into a bidding war over him at the auction.

    Personally the silliest bit is Dundovic’s “high expectations”. She should keep ’em low – reeeeeal low.

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