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Briefly In Sarah Palin Sexism News

Posted by Clem Bastow on September 4, 2008

We’ll tackle the media and blogosphere’s treatment of John McCain’s VP candidate Sarah Palin soon, but just wanted to draw your attention to some more of’s balanced and reconstructed use of language regarding the Alaskan politician on this front page slug regarding this story:

Yes, you read that correctly, “sexy librarian VP candidate”. Sigh. We’ll return to the Palin sexism watch; after all, it’s not like there’s going to be a lull in the coverage any time soon!

Thanks to the wondrous Jessica for the tip off.


5 Responses to “Briefly In Sarah Palin Sexism News”

  1. Scal said


    I was initially shocked at the “Hottest VP” banner too, but then I found out that it’s just a photo of her campaign badge.

    That’s so many kinds of wrong, it’s making my head hurt.

  2. Sara Lewis said

    Oh my. I was wondering how to begin to tackle all the Sarah Palin palaver… this is a good place to start. Gosh.

  3. Worse, is that sexiness is part of the reason McCain picked her.

    Well . . .
    She certainly gave the home crowd what they wanted!

    I’m concerned though that she supports the Bush war, and will probably continue spending hundreds of billions of dollars for death and destruction.
    I just don’t see that as “pro-life.” Too bad.

    I wonder too, how she would stand up to the tough guys, like Putin, Kim Il Sung, or Ahmadinejad, not to mention Joe Biden!

    Opposed to sex ed, and now her daughter is pregnant. How smart is that?

  4. steven said

    ‘sexy librarian’ type indeed, given the stories of Palin and book banning.

  5. hannahcolman said

    Fairfax Video News today:

    US Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been immortailsed in a range of dolls including a superhero and an ‘exotic’ model.


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