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Why Do Brides Wear White? So They Match The Kitchen Appliances!

Posted by Clem Bastow on September 12, 2008

Traditionally, the title of this post has always been (to me) little more than the gag on an awesomely awful stubby-holder I picked up in South Australia many moons ago – but today, it’s the advertising ethos of Australian mega retailer Harvey Norman!

To wit, the “Harvey Norman Promotion” on Pages 54 – 57 of today’s Who Weekly; here’s a sample:

The intro says, “Did somebody say presents? Harvey Norman has Australia’s largest biggest range of whitegoods and appliances, so you can be on the road to domestic bliss in no time.”

So, just tallying up what’s wrong with this feature:

  1. The idea of a “white wedding” in the first place
  2. The idea of a wedding being an excuse to grab as many expensive gifts as possible
  3. The notion that women who marry are simply heading down the road to being good housewives (i.e. “domestic bliss”)
  4. The notion that whitegoods and appliances are solely a woman’s domain
  5. The positioning of the “bride” as little more than another “whitegood”

Have I missed anything?


4 Responses to “Why Do Brides Wear White? So They Match The Kitchen Appliances!”

  1. tina_sparkle said

    that brides all have long hair.

  2. Melanie said

    I think this advertising campaign is entirely patronising but I have to admit, while I wholeheartedly agree with points 2-5 of what’s wrong with this campaign, I don’t agree with the first one.
    Despite being someone who has no intention of marrying, or having any desire to marry (white or otherwise) I disagree with the first point. There is nothing particularly ‘wrong’ with the idea of a white wedding. As shorthand for a traditional Western wedding, it is what it is, a tradition of gathering to say vows in front of family and friends.
    The idea that white dresses symbolise the bride’s virginity came much later than the white dress itself. I think it was Queen Victoria who first wore a white wedding dress, and only then because white fabric at the time was highly prized.
    White = virgin didn’t come until much later, (I think in the 1950s?) and isn’t something many people take literally these days. So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t see the idea of a white wedding as wrong per se, just another choice people make.

  3. Mel Campbell said

    I wish my fridge had a big white bow on it.

  4. mscate said

    geez I wish I was getting a smeg fridge as a wedding present.

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