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From The ‘Too Good To Be True’ Files

Posted by Clem Bastow on September 25, 2008

You might recall a few years back that “Joan Jett” sent an outraged letter to Rolling Stone in light of their “women in rock” issue; the letter turned out to have been penned by a New York-based writer and performer; though Jett alerted fans to the impersonation, she also mentioned that she “loved” the content of the letter.

So, one imagines this open letter to John McCain – allegedly written by Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart (in reality, Seattle’s The Stranger merely extemporised upon Heart’s existing calling out of McCain), regarding his campaign-trail use of their hit Barracuda (specifically, used to introduce Sarah Palin) – will follow “Joan’s” letter to the Snopes bin, but either way, it’s pretty kickass:

We can but dream. In any case, have a celebratory airing – with no McCain or Palin! – of Barracuda to perk up your afternoon:


One Response to “From The ‘Too Good To Be True’ Files”

  1. Oh, the coincidences! I had to look twice at your blog’s title—because Dawn Eden, author of ‘The Thrill of the Chaste’ and convert to Catholicism, has a blog entitled ‘The Dawn Patrol.’ (She is not quite a feminist. . . .)

    Not quite the deliciousness of the faux-Heart letter (oh, that it were true!), but I thought I’d point let you know of a ‘sister’ blog.

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