The Dawn Chorus

Fresh Australian Feminism

Old Women Are Funny, An Ongoing Series

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 1, 2008

The Dawn Chorus has occasionally dipped its toe in the waters of how the media treats older women – in short, if you’re not “hot“, you must be weird looking and ugly. So maybe this little corker from My Ticketmaster’s mail-out for a special offer on tickets to Menopause: The Musical can be brushed off as “humour”:

Granted, the musical pokes fun at the concept of menopause and plays with the (mis)conceptions surrounding “the things that happen to women”, as Dr Derek Llewellen Jones put it.

But is it too much to dream of a day when old women don’t have to be hilarious, or hot, or cronelike, and instead are celebrated for being the wise, amazing women they are?


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