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The Unbearable Tightness Of Corset

Posted by Mel Campbell on October 6, 2008

(Image: Daily Telegraph)

I just read a Daily Telegraph story about how Australian model Abbey Lee Kershaw fainted shortly after leaving the runway in an Alexander McQueen show at Paris Fashion Week. The cause: an incredibly tight corset. Look at her in the picture, poor duck: she looks absolutely miserable. But the kicker was this little hyperlink:

Yeah, I bet Abbey Lee felt pretty stupid with the air supply to her brain cut off! As she tottered off the runway and keeled over, she was probably saying something like: “LUK AT ME IN DIS KORSUT, I’Z ALLAGAYTA, RAH!”

There seems to be so much schadenfreude in watching models come to grief and calling them “stupid”. Perhaps it’s a way of expressing our jealousy at not being as thin, young, poised and beautiful – after all, being smart is something that depends on none of these things. But nobody seems to be pointing fingers at the designers who create clothes so uncomfortable that even people whose job it is to wear them for only a minute at a time can’t help falling over or fainting. Annoyingly in this industry of artifice and hyperbole, being known as “the designer whose corset made a model faint” will likely add to McQueen’s reputation for creating ‘challenging’ fashion.


6 Responses to “The Unbearable Tightness Of Corset”

  1. Clem Bastow said

    Oh god yes – witness Vivienne Westwood’s eternal rep as “the designer whose platforms made Naomi Campbell fall over”, etc etc.

    But, lyk, u no, modles r dum n shit, dun blame da designers!

  2. But models do look stupid when they fall over, as does everyone. Just like I looked stupid as a teenaged check out chick when I couldn’t understand heavily accented tourists asking for bread; just like DT writers look stupid when they don’t use spell check; just like just like Sarah Palin looks stupid trying to understand foreign policy.

    No one is blaming Stott’s College for DT journalistc qualifications, just like no one is blaming the tundran mercury levels for Palin’s failings. Sometimes things are just stupid.


    Not Jealous.

  3. Oh, and lolz: the ironing of meh nawt checking spllchck and missing the “i” in “journalistic” should not be lost above. K thnx.

  4. Mel Campbell said

    Nup, I’m not paying your comparisons. I quite enjoy watching people falling over from their own clumsiness, and I also really enjoyed it when Hawko’s skirt fell off that time, and she shuffled awkwardly away covering her G-string arse with her hands. That’s just an embarrassing accident.

    But my point here is that designers deliberately make clothes that are impossible to wear, and the newspaper’s response is “when models fall over and look stupid”, rather than “when designers invent stupid clothes”.

  5. Better put sole blame on the co-songwriters for Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl” then. After all, her main job is singing. And just as designers could use coathangers to show off their wares if models weren’t an implicit, and thus blameable component of fashion; Katy Perry could in theory be replaced by Apple’s voicebox application, or a well trained budgerigar.

  6. Mel, I sincerely believe that if you were a superhero your power would be rendering your foes helpless with laughter with your lol skillz.

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