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“Staff Writer” To Sophie Monk: Get Your Kit Off, Tease

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 8, 2008

I wasn’t surprised that this “article” in today’s Herald Sun/ was credited to “Staff Writer”, because I sure as hell wouldn’t want my name associated with it had I been forced at gunpoint to pen it: to wit, Sophie Monk is coming back home to Australia to help launch a lingerie line she’s involved with. “Staff Writer” can’t resist a bit of old-fashioned slut-shaming mixed with some pervasive low-key misogyny.

Let’s count the moments of stinking sexism, shall we? Let’s start with the headline:

Sexy Sophie Monk keeps her shirt on

Right, because she can’t stop taking her clothes off! Tell us more, “Staff Writer”!

The blonde seems to have suddenly gone shy since posing naked for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), shooting an ad campaign for her own lingerie range (above) and filming a sex scene in TV’s Entourage and a nude romp in the flick Sex and Death 101?

Organisers of next Thursday’s Hollywood Fashion Shapes and Bodywear Collection launch at Docklands say Monk herself won’t strip to smalls from the range.

The cover-up is despite her earning a six-figure fee to spruik the brand.

(Bold emphasis mine.)

That’s the worst of it; “Staff Writer” then goes on to drool over “home-grown hottie” Alyssa Sutherland for the final few paragraphs.

So, essentially, what “Staff Writer” is saying is, jeez, Sophie, they’re paying you six-figures and you still won’t get your kit off for them? What a cocktease! Why don’t you give the men people what they want, Sophie? Hey, Sophie, I just put a $5 note in your g-string, what are you gonna do for me? (etc)

When will these morons realise that women in Monk’s position have absolutely zero responsibility to snap to and do/show whatever the media deems appropriate? How shocking that she might choose to pose naked or film a sex scene, and then stay clothed at a following event!


2 Responses to ““Staff Writer” To Sophie Monk: Get Your Kit Off, Tease”

  1. Jessica said

    Well she is being paid to promote a lingerie line. I’d understand your disdain if she was promoting a range of hair accessories. But you know, she’s been paid to promote underwear, what’s she going to do wear it over her clothes?

  2. gullybogan said

    I agree with Jessica. If Sophie is promoting lingerie, she should, you know, promote lingerie. You’re being unreasonable.

    If you want her to promote feminism (which you mistakenly equate with puritanical wowserism, it would seem), you should maybe send her a six-figure cheque, and *then* you can tell her what to do.

    He (or she) who pays the piper, and all that.

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