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(Young) Women We Love: Hilary Duff

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 9, 2008

When it comes to tween-targeted popstars, in my books Miley trumps Hilary every time, but Ms Duff is quite a thoughtful young woman (she says, sounding like a grandmother) who is still a considerably big influence on a lot of young girls, so I was thrilled to see that she’d joined forces with America’s Advertising Council in collaboration with Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network to film this PSA:

Casually discriminatory language is one of the most insidious ways of perpetuating hatred – whether it’s saying something is “gay” or calling women “bitch” or “slut” – so it’s fantastic to see Duff speaking out on the topic.

Now, can we arrange to have some ads produced featuring men that blokes would look up to (footy players, motorsports heroes, Chuck Norris), pulling them up on catcalling and casually sexist language?


5 Responses to “(Young) Women We Love: Hilary Duff”

  1. That is INCREDIBLE.

  2. scal said

    Huh! Well … still waters etc.

    Actually, I prefer Hilary Duff to Miley Cyrus – Hilary played goofy kids who act their age. Miley plays the kind of cynical, fast-speaking character that would be at home on the set of “Friends”.

  3. Liam said

    Just another reason why Hilary is my homegirl.

    I had a drama teacher who would go off whenever anyone used “gay” in that sense. I can’t believe, nine years later, the problem is still so pervasive.

  4. Steven said

    yet another Hilary fan for this and other work too. Though is it a little hypocritical to complain of words like ‘bitch’,’slut’ or ‘gay’ and casually discriminatory language, when only a couple of days ago describing a bunch of men on motorbikes with the spoonerism ‘cunning stunts’ (tip: if you don’t grok it, switch ‘c’ and ‘st’ around). (deja vu? did I already submit that?)

  5. Clem Bastow said

    Nice try, Steven:

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