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(Young) Women We Love: “Sammy Sumo”

Posted by Clem Bastow on October 13, 2008

No doubt sports fans will have read this morning of Australia’s first medal in the sport of sumo wrestling for over fifteen years, won by Gold Coast teenager Samantha-Jane Stacey – dubbbed “Sammy Sumo” by her friends – who not only won Silver at the World Sumo Championships, but did so with a badly sprained ankle!

Australian Sumo Federation president Katrina Watt spoke to The Bulletin from the championships in Estonia yesterday and said the result was fantastic.

“We are so impressed with the result and she’s only 14 so she has four more years in the junior division … maybe next time we’ll hear Advance Australia Fair,” she said.

“We haven’t had a medal since 1992 so we are so happy.”

Top work, Sammy!


One Response to “(Young) Women We Love: “Sammy Sumo””

  1. Mel Campbell said

    I had no idea:
    a) that women were allowed to be sumo wrestlers (I had the distinct idea it was really taboo)
    b) that there is a World Sumo Championships (I thought it was like gridiron: a national sport only)
    c) that Australia competes in said World Sumo Championships – since at least 1992!

    Truly you learn something new every day.

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